Kingdom of Bandonia

The Kingdom of Bandonia, is a micronation, geofictional kingdom on Micras
Its an old Kingdom, but a modern country
standing in the 21th century

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 Courtesy and Etiquette

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Prof Grondvinder
Prof Grondvinder

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Courtesy and Etiquette Empty
PostSubject: Courtesy and Etiquette   Courtesy and Etiquette Icon_minitimeSun Jan 25 2015, 16:17

Dear readers,

I would like to explain here how the etiquette and courtesy on approaching nobles and aristocrats is to be used.
The table below is your guide to the right phrases.

His/Her in adressing to   
His/Her in legal documents
King/QueenMajestyMajesty, King of the United Dukedoms of Bandonia
Prince/PrincessHighness Highness, prince/princess of the King
Duke/DuchessRight HonourableThe Most Noble, Duke/Duchess of Bandum/Bandia/Bandisia
Marquess/MarchionessHonourableHonorable Marquess/Marchioness of ...
Earl/CountessHonourableHonourable Earl/Countess of ...
Baron/BaronessHonourableHonourable Baron/Baroness of ...
Lord/LadyHonourableHonourable Lord/Lady of ...
Prime MinisterPrime MinisterPrime Minister of the United Dukedoms of Bandonia
MinisterMinisterMinister of the United Dukedoms of Bandonia

Professor Gerard Grondvinder

Rector Magnificus
Royal Grand University
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Courtesy and Etiquette
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