Kingdom of Bandonia

The Kingdom of Bandonia, is a micronation, geofictional kingdom on Micras
Its an old Kingdom, but a modern country
standing in the 21th century

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 History of the Kingdom of Bandonia

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Prof Grondvinder
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History of the Kingdom of Bandonia Empty
PostSubject: History of the Kingdom of Bandonia   History of the Kingdom of Bandonia Icon_minitimeSun Jan 25 2015, 14:18

History of the Kingdom of Bandonia

The kingdom as it is today is not what it was in the past. Currently the three dukedoms, the dukedom of Bandum, the dukedom of Bandisia and the dukedom of Bandia are now united under our great King Bandius Postumus Bandonia IV, king of the united dukes of Bandonia, ruler of the empire, etc.. etc..

The united kingdom of Bandonia currently exist for more then 310 years, but before that the dukedoms themself were in a constant struggle for power. The dukedoms then were small kingdoms, who fought each other to the bitter end.

310 years ago they finally agreed to stop the hostilities and choose a king from their midst. The new king, Bandonia the first, was an
exeptional ruler, who forged the kingdom together, and brought prosperity.

But I shouldnt tell you all this, you learned it already at school.

Professor Gerard Grondvinder
Rector Magnificus
Royal Grand University
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History of the Kingdom of Bandonia
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